Looking back on a successful year at Technoprint

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There’s no doubt that 2022 has been a year of challenges and adversity. The paper shortage, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis has meant that there have been a number of hurdles we’ve had to jump this year.


Despite these challenges, we’re grateful that we can look back on the last twelve months as a successful time for Technoprint. From a flurry of new customers to exciting promotions for well-deserving staff, there’s been plenty to celebrate.


To round off 2022, we’re looking back at the highlights the year at Technoprint.


Overcoming challenges in 2022


At the outset of the year, the lingering spectre of Covid continued to breed economic uncertainty, while the paper industry was rocked by the Finnish Paperworkers’ Union strikes which began on 1st January.


The strike continued into late April and put the paper supply chain under significant strain. However, at Technoprint we have a reliable supply so we can always guarantee that our customers’ orders will be fulfilled, and this served us well during the strikes.


This year the industry and wider economy has also been affected by the energy crisis, precipitated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a business, we’ve been looking at ways in which we can reduce our energy consumption to operate in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.


This year, we’ve been limiting our use of air-conditioning in the office and on the warehouse floor. This is something that has had to be done carefully, as to not have a negative impact on our paper. We were able to still reduce air conditioning use without affecting the paper by strategically adjusting heat settings in certain areas of the site. This has been a small but important step in helping us to keep energy costs down and operate in a sustainable way.


Promotions and new faces


This year, it’s been great to be able to celebrate a promotion and congratulations are in order for Nick Mobley who’s been promoted to production supervisor.


Nick joined us back in 2005 at the age of 19 with virtually no formal qualifications. He recently explained how grateful he was that Technoprint took a chance on him all those years ago when his career prospects seemed limited.


Technoprint is proud of Nick for how he has progressed over the years, and there’s no doubt that he thoroughly deserves this promotion.


We’ve also appointed a new hire to help support increased demand. Sasitorn (Tap) Kennedy joined us earlier this year and recently became production assistant on a full-time basis.


Arrival of new machines


We recently waved goodbye to one of our old printing presses and folding machines, but we’re excited to be able to get our new machines up and running for the new year!


Our new printing press and folding machine will have more production potential and we’ll be able to print a larger sheet size. This will ensure that we’re even better placed to provide our customers with the printing solutions they need.


New customers


Speaking of customers, this year we’ve onboarded a raft of new businesses, many of whom have begun working with us due to our flexibility and reliability as a second supplier.


Cenobiologics was one such company we onboarded back in April, after an initial referral by a fellow customer.


The company processes a wide-range of Allograft Bio-Implants for human transplantation and since April, we’ve been supplying them with our ultra-lightweight 60-gram PharmaliteTM for CenoBone Gel and Putty Bio-implants information leaflets.


With every new business win, the Technoprint team are treated to lunch so this year we’re happy to report that the team have enjoyed their fair share of meals on us!


Charity work


Every year we have a charity that we dedicate our fundraising efforts to and this year we’ve been supporting the Mid Cheshire Foodbank.


To mark the Platinum Jubilee, our team brought in lots of exciting items to make up two hampers, which were then raffled off with all proceeds from tickets being donated to our charity of the year, the foodbank.


In October, we had a collection for the foodbank, and were so pleased to see so many fantastic donations. With it being Halloween, we also had a collection of bags of sweets for the children that the foodbank supports.


The Mid-Cheshire foodbank provides vital support to those who need it most in our community and in the current climate, the work they do is more important than ever.


A successful year


We’re grateful to be able to say that we’ve come out of this year with a brilliant team and in a strong position to hit the ground running in 2023.


We’d like to wish our staff, customers and anyone who has supported Technoprint over the last twelve months a very Happy Christmas and New Year.


Bring on 2023!

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