Here at Technoprint, we’ve always placed working to protect and improve the environment – locally and globally – at the heart of everything we do, alongside conducting our business in an ethical and moral manner. We realise that corporate social responsibility can be about branding and marketing as much as anything else, but at Technoprint it’s a genuine reflection of our culture and the way we like to do things.

Every new starter with the company is told, at their induction, that being a successful part of the Technoprint family means embracing the social and ethical approach we take to both our business, our support of the wider community and the global environment. We never lose sight of the fact that we have a responsibility to support the local community of which we are a part, and we never stop looking for ways to make this responsibility a reality. Nor is our commitment simply about saying the right things or spreading messages on social media. We put our money where our mouth is, to coin a phrase, on both a personal and organisational level. Technoprint as a business has invested money and staff work time in supporting environmental standards and local charities, initiatives and events, and individual members of staff have freely given their own time and money in support of these efforts.

We also like to think that the way in which we choose our suppliers is indicative of the seriousness with which we approach matters of corporate and social responsibility. We don’t think it would be right to demand high standards of ourselves and then turn a blind eye to the way in which those companies we rely upon to operate do business. That’s why, as detailed above, every new supplier has to complete a questionnaire detailing their own policies regarding the environment and other ethical matters. That way, we can ensure that we only work with people who hold themselves to the same high standards as we do.

In 2018 we were winners of the Cheshire Business Award for Corporate Social responsibility, and in 2019 we were winners of the Cheshire Business Award for Employer of the Year our MD Alan Ryan was awarded the High Sheriffs Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. We were also highly commended for the High Sheriffs Award for Responsible Business Practice; these achievements are testament to our commitment to responsible business practice.

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Technoprint are proud to hold an EcoVadis rating of Platinum; this is the highest rating and puts us in the top 1% of all companies assessed worldwide.

EcoVadis is globally recognised to assess and rate businesses’ sustainability, covering key factors such as environmental impact, labour, human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.’

Technoprint have FSC® (C166967) Chain of Custody certification, ensuring that our leaflets are made of material from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources’

All Technoprint leaflets are produced using FSC® papers and can therefore have our FSC® product label added to your artwork

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