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Customer Case Study: Cenobiologics

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Products used: 60 gram PharmaliteTM for CenoBone Gel and Putty Bio-implants information leaflets

The team at Technoprint work with brilliant customers across the pharma industry.

In April 2022, Technoprint began supplying Cenobiologics with our ultra-lightweight PharmaliteTM patient information leaflets after an initial referral by a fellow customer.

We caught up with Cenobiologics Office Manager Karen Waldron about why Technoprint works for them.


About Cenobiologics

Based in Milton Keynes, Cenobiologics is a UK medical company that processes a wide-range of Allograft Bio-Implants for human transplantation.

These bio-implants are produced and processed using the latest technology in state-of-the-art facilities which ensure that the products are of the best possible quality for their customers, and this quality is recognised by their receipt of an ISO 13485 certification.

This certification acknowledges the high standards of the company’s medical devices and that they meet the needs of Cenobiologics’ customers for such important applications.

These cellular and tissue-based devices are for skin, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular application.



Karen explained: “We needed a reasonably priced, lightweight instruction leaflet to insert with our products, of a particular size, which wasn’t easy to find!

“So given Technoprint’s range of leaflet solutions, we felt that they were the best suppliers to help us fulfil this need and allow us to provide our customers with the information they require.”


The solution

 Technoprint’s innovation and commitment to continually improving client offerings means the business can offer customers such as Cenobiologics a range of trademarked leaflet solutions, including a variety of folded paper sizes and weights.

Karen added: “We’ve been particularly impressed by the fact that they’re [the leaflets] such good quality.”



The Results

Technoprint have helped improve the delivery of information to Cenobiologics customers so that they can provide greater clarity on the products they supply.

The D72017 leaflets’ size, versatility and lightweight design has helped the company to overcome the challenges it faced in providing its customers with suitable information leaflets.

Karen recommends Technoprint to others, she said: “The staff were fantastic when it came to leaflet design and the help they provided with estimates and cost reduction.

“I’d certainly recommend working with Technoprint. They’ve been supportive since we started working together and we found the packaging to be excellent.”

If you think that Technoprint can provide the solutions that your business needs, then get in touch with us here to find out more.

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