The Importance of Innovation

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Here at Technoprint, we work hard to improve every aspect of our business on as many levels as we can, constantly challenging our own products and service. Using our expert knowledge and experience to drive our continuous innovation is a huge part of our mission statement and what makes our relationships with our customers to special.

Each of our solutions was developed as a direct response to the most common problems faced by our customers. Our approach is to help our customers with solving a problem by visiting their site, finding out how they operate and creating a bespoke solution.

During a site visit to a large pharmaceutical company, we discovered that there was a problem with loading leaflets onto their automated packaging lines. Leaflets were being loaded upside down or back to front, which was often damaging the leaflets and causing stoppages. From this problem, we developed a way of producing our leaflets in a cassette form, known as our TECH-PACKÔ, which increases the efficiency of automated packaging lines by providing an error free solution to the loading of patient information leaflets.

On another occasion, we met with one of our major customers to discuss an upcoming product launch. They explained to us just how important it was for them to get the product to market quicker than anyone else within the industry and that following the manufacturing and packaging of their product, the very final thing which controlled their speed to market was the production of the patient information leaflet. It was this that led to the creation of our 48HR SPEED LAUNCH priority service, which enables us to offer our clients a reduced lead time service for individual batches upon request – all without compromising on the detail or quality.

Our MULTIFLET™ service came about when we found that traditional leaflet printing methods would produce prescribing info and patient information all on the same leaflet with a dotted line and a scissor icon. We saw a way to make the separation process easier for patients and developed a service which enables multiple leaflets to be printed on the same sheet, then separated during the folding process.

MINUTAG™, our miniature folded and tagsert-secured leaflets, was introduced when we spotted a gap in the market for smaller folded leaflets which could be placed on the outside of a carton. We also found that lighter paperweights are critical within the industry and so we streamlined the packing process with the introduction our PHARMALITE™ papers, which go down to as lightweight as just 35gsm – the lightest paperweight currently available in the market.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services here at Technoprint, get in touch with us today and our expert team will get back to you.

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