Reflecting on Technoprint’s supply chain wins

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Supply chain issues within the paper industry and beyond were a hot topic last year. A shortage of drivers, increased demand, VAT complications and a huge surge in energy prices created the perfect storm for a disrupted supply chain.

At Technoprint, we worked together to make sure that our clients didn’t feel the pinch of supply chain issues and therefore we didn’t let any of our customers down. So, how can the industry avoid another supply chain crisis?


Supply Chain Walkthrough

World events can sometimes lead to us receiving emails from customers asking if we have assessed our supply chain to determine its impact. With the Russia-Ukraine conflict for example, and the current human rights issue in China; we have assessed our supply chain in response to these events to ensure that none of our goods or raw materials come from Russia or the relevant parts of China. Whilst doing so, we also perform assessments to see if escalation of these international conflicts could cause any potential disruption to our supply.


Acting as a second supplier

As an agile business, working as a second supplier is key to many of our clients safeguarding their supply chain. We would advise customers to map out their supply chain and always have a second supplier to protect themselves. Technoprint has secured their highest stock levels of paper to date, so we can avoid the problem of running out and therefore not being able to service customers.



Unlike some of our competitors, we only print leaflets. We know where our specialisms lie and that’s our focus for our clients. Specialising in one product means we can make sure that we create the best possible quality leaflets within a responsive time frame. Selecting a supplier that focuses on one product can mean that there are fewer hold-ups in the production lines.


Dedicated team

We know that without our people we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do. Teamwork is what our business is built on and we believe in looking after our teams and recognise that this means that they will look after our customers. We are a flexible business that puts our team’s mental health first. In fact, we have an on-site mental health first aider to support the team and identify those who may need extra help.


Open and honest

We’re an SME with an open and honest culture and our clients are free to pick up the phone at any time to us. There is no hierarchy within the business, and our MD Alan Ryan is regularly chatting with customers on the phone – that’s the beauty of working with a business like Technoprint!


As we look back on our business over the past few years, we are grateful to our team and how well they coped with the hardships and came together as a Technoprint family. If you’d like to get in touch with us to find out more about our products and services (or just have a chat with Alan!) then you can reach us here.

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