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National Apprenticeship Week 2019 – Meet our Apprentices

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Technoprint is a proud supporter of National Apprenticeship Week and our focus this week is recognising the amazing contributions each and everyone of our apprentices make to our company.

Since our collaboration with the British Printing Industries federation (BPIF) in 2015, we have taken on 13 apprentices, of which 7 continue their apprenticeships within our Printing, Finishing and Studio departments on courses such as Machine Printing Courses (Levels 2 & 3), Print Administration (Level 3) and Pre-Press (Level 2).  We value the significance apprentices bring to the company, including their energy, enthusiasm, their desire to innovate and question the status quo.  As a company, we are proud to see our apprentices developing new skills and knowledge, obtaining qualifications along the way, watching their confidence flourish at the same time as earning a living.  Our existing, more tenured staff are excited to have their chance to pass on their extensive knowledge and years of experience to the next generation of Technoprint employees.

As part of our celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we felt that you should get to know the apprentices that contribute to the success and growth of Technoprint.


Starting with………


Kyle – Production Operative, Folding department

Kyle currently works in our finishing department and has been with us since October 2016. Due to the miniature folding capability of our machines, these are more complicated than standard machines and take a lot of time and patience to master. Recently, he has started to progress onto our most complex folding machine.


To assist with his training, Technoprint sent him on a two-day training course in Germany- showing both our commitment to Kyle and his commitment to Technoprint.  Furthermore, Kyle has been recognised by his colleagues as employee of the month twice since it was introduced in 2017.



Richard – Production Operative, Printing department

Richard is one of our mature apprenctices. He started working on our single colour printing presses back in February 2017. As with all employees that start at Technoprint, Richard spent the first week in each department to help him to get to know his colleagues and to gain a better understanding of the business. After the initial weeks of intensive training, Richard was then able to start operating the single colour presses by himself with the guidance of his colleague and the support of our QC Department. Due to how well Richard progressed, in September 2017, he moved on to start training on our more difficult four colour printing press. Richard is now already able to operate the three presses.   Richard is now fully trained in using our forklift truck following an intensive training course with Thomas Truck Training in Winsford.




“I am currently doing a Print Apprenticeship with Technoprint in Winsford. I began studying a Level 2 Apprenticeship and progressed quickly onto Level 3 which is proving to be much more challenging. I really enjoy working in Print as it is very varied and I am finding working on the 4 colour press really interesting. The coursework is engaging and relates to my role. I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship as it is a great way to learn and earn at the same time.”


Russell – Production Operative, Multi-skilled

Russell is another one of our fantastic apprentices studying Level 2 in Machine Printing.  He joined the company in July 2017 and began his career within our printing department learning how to operate a single colour printing press.  More recently, Russell has transitioned into our finishing department where he is learning how to operate our folding machines.

Russell will be one of our first Apprentice Production Operatives who is cross skilled within print and folding.  Russell has also been recognised by his colleagues as employee of the month for being hard working, with a positive, can do attitude and demonstrating significant improvements in his output.

When asked about what Russell most enjoyed about Technoprint:

The team, a bunch of brilliant and hard working individuals.”


Toni – Studio Coordinator

Toni is another Technoprint success story and has just celebrated her third year working for the company.  Toni joined in February 2016 as the Business Administrator and PA to the Managing Director.  During staff absences, Toni began assisting the Studio department with artwork proofing and other studio duties. After a short period of time Toni transitioned to the department full time as Production Administrator and Pre-Press Operative and began her Level 3 apprenticeship in Print Administration which she is now very close to completing.  Toni’s aspiration is to continue her studies onto Level 4.  Following her recent promotion to Studio Co-ordinator, Toni now supervises her successor, George, who is now our Production Administrator and Pre-Press Operative.


Technoprint fully supports and endorses apprenticeships and is proud of each of its apprentices and wishes them many more successful years working for Technoprint.

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