Finland Strikes: Technoprint takes proactive measures to mitigate supply chain disruption

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In a bid to address legislation proposed by the government, dock workers in Finland have initiated strikes, causing disruptions in the paper industry supply chain. These strikes have led to delays in the dispatch of paper orders from Finnish paper mills and a shortage of pulp, subsequently driving up paper prices across the board.

At Technoprint, we’re closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact on our operations. Recognising the potential risks posed by these strikes, we’ve already increased our stocks to ensure uninterrupted service to our customers during this challenging period.

The current strikes in Finland bear similarities to previous labour disputes in the country, particularly a mill strike over salary issues. However, unlike previous strikes, which lasted for months, we’re hopeful that the current situation will be resolved more swiftly. Nevertheless, the strikes remain a significant supply chain risk, with the potential to disrupt operations and increase costs.

Fortunately, we’ve learned valuable lessons from past experiences and have implemented strategies to safeguard against such disruptions. During the previous strike, we secured customer approval to dual-source our 60g paper from another mill. This proactive approach enabled us to seamlessly switch production to an alternate source, preventing any disruptions in our supply chain and ensuring continued availability of our products to our valued customers.

While the strikes in Finland present challenges for the paper industry as a whole, Technoprint remains committed to delivering high-quality products and excellent service to our customers. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and adapt our strategies as necessary to minimise any impact on our operations and uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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