Celebrating International Women’s Day at Technoprint

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“We have built a supportive network here and I like to know that I am a part of that”

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re going to be spotlighting some of the exceptional women of Technoprint. This year’s theme is #InsprireInclusion and we would like to share some personal insight into how we work hard to support the growth of all our employees.


Jacqui Morris is a general manager who has worked for Technoprint for eight years. With a background in the pharmaceutical industry and quality dealing, Jacqui moved to Technoprint after being impressed by their transparency of company culture and strong quality management system.

How do you feel Technoprint support women and encourage diverse values?

I feel very fortunate that Technoprint supports every worker equally. We have some amazing women as part of our production team who are carrying out activities that in the past have been considered best suited to males. Having so many women on board has really helped foster an environment that is mutually supportive and encouraging.”

Why do you think a diverse and inclusive work environment is important for the print manufacturing industry in particular?

Having such a diverse workforce means we are not missing out on any particular personalities or skills. I think the secret to our success has been being open to fresh talent of all kinds. Having all perspectives to hand has been particularly important for our sustainability initiatives.”

What has been your proudest achievement at Technoprint?

I am most proud of implementing our sustainability program and helping Technoprint gain their platinum Ecovadis status. To know we have scored in the top 1% of companies worldwide feels amazing.”


Tap Kennedy is a production technician here at Technoprint and works within operations overseeing the assemblage of our information leaflets.

Did you have any background in printing before moving to Technoprint?

I had no experience within printing before moving to Technoprint. In fact, I had come from a very different background working in retail in Thailand. It wasn’t until I moved here and began some temporary work that I became interested in really getting to know the industry.”

What do you enjoy most about your role at Technoprint?

“I love a challenge and I love learning something new. With innovations needed to be made all the time at Technoprint, I have been given lots of opportunity to further my expertise. I also like training our new starters and they offer so many great new ideas. We have built a supportive network here and I like to know that I am a part of that.”

What has been your proudest achievement at Technoprint?

I am extremely proud of how far I have come and how much I have been able to push myself. I have gone from hacving next to no prior experience within the industry to now running printing presses and dealing with some of the most complex folding machines.”


Julie Jackson is also a production technician and has been working at Technoprint for seven months.

What have been your first impressions of working at Technoprint?

“My role is super fascinating and I only wish I had joined sooner. I’ve had lots of opportunity to learn new skills and I am now training to set folding machines as well as run them. My whole team have been incredibly welcoming, and I have felt lots of support being a working mum. It’s clear to see that Technoprint make sure to have a lot of diverse leadership and it’s inspiring to see such a wealth of women in managerial positions.”

Do you have any advice for who would like to join the print industry?

“Yes! It’s never too late to join print. Even if you have no background in the industry, there are lots of different types of roles available that suit all kinds of experience levels. Manufacturing patient information leaflets may be a very niche sector, but trust me it is so interesting.”

At Technoprint, we firmly welcome all backgrounds. We are committed to upholding a supportive team environment and celebrating the achievements of our individual employees. If you would like to find out more about us and out career opportuniteis, visit

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