Terry the Technoprint Elf

Technoprint have a had a lovely festive surprise, Terry the Elf has been spared of his Christmas duties to come and help us!

Day 1

Just like any new starter, Terry must complete an induction to ensure he is fully aware of all safety and working practices. This ensures Terry and his colleagues remain safe and understand the importance of GMP, and our standards PS9000, ISO9001, ISO14001. We are glad to confirm Terry passed his GMP assessment with full marks!

Day 2

Today, Terry has been helping our booking in team in the office, answering phones and taking new orders! Terry soon picked up the lingo, “leaflets and presents are both very important” he assured us.

Next, Terry took part in our regular production planning meeting, reviewing safety, quality, delivery, inventory, productivity and people. This way everyone knows where we are up to and any actions we have.

Day 3

Terry has been helping our Studio team by processing plates ready for printing! He was fascinated by our shiny rulers, dotted all over site, calibrated and ready to use for checking samples and more.

Terry couldn’t resist finding out how tall he is, he’s happy to see he is taller than a candy cane at least!

Day 4

Today Terry supervised our Print team, making sure all samples were colour matched and correct. Although, he got a little distracted trying to find the pantone colour match for his trousers!


Day 5

Oh no! Terry almost got the chop! Terry is demonstrating here why you shouldn’t operate machinery unless you are fully trained. Luckily, Tom is fully trained and came to Terry’s rescue!

Sadly, because Terry was messing around on the guillotine. He changed a setting which resulted in a stack being cut wrong… Terry, QC want a word with you!

Day 6

After yesterday’s fiasco on the guillotine, today Terry completed an NCR to report the cut error. With the help of Tom, he then completed the investigation, ready for QC to review and approve.

NCR reports ensure the right precautions are put in place to stop things like this from happening again.

Day 7

Whoops! Terry seems to be in some trouble again today… Thankfully our folding machine cameras (used for checking barcodes, images and blank sheets – not necessarily naughty elves) notified our operator a rogue elf passing through the machine!

Day 8

Today Terry has been helping to pack finished goods ready for final QC inspection, but it looks like he got himself in a bit of a pickle and fallen into a waste bin instead! Luckily he was noticed before the bin was emptied!

As part of our ISO14001 environmental standard, we ensure all waste is correctly segregated. Little elves definitely do not belong in the paper bin!

Day 9

Today, Terry has been helping our QC team with final inspections and image comparisons, ensuring any finished orders are checked and approved before delivery to the customer.

He had so much fun watching the image compare system in use!

Day 10

Terry has been trying to help out by operating the forklift truck, problem is he only has a licence for sleighs, not FLTs so he was quickly chased off be our Health and Safety Officer!

Goodbye Terry!

Today we say goodbye to our little helper Terry, unfortunately he hasn’t passed his probation period, but we hope to see him again next year!

Happy Holidays to all from Team Technoprint, we are now closed for the festive period returning 4th Jan 2022.