Meet the team: Tom Hayes

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We have a new Technoprofile blog for you this month. Introducing Tom Hayes, one of our newest recruits!

Having only worked here since September, Tom admits that he is still labelled as ‘the new guy’ by his colleagues. The ‘cool guy’ is his preferred nickname, however.


Tom’s role

Like Russ, who we introduced you to last month, Tom works within the production department in the heart of Technoprint’s operation. More specifically, he is responsible for using the guillotine to cut the paper down to size so that it meets our customers’ needs.

However, Tom doesn’t just look after the guillotine station. In truth, he’s a bit of a jack of all trades and works across multiple departments, from carrying out van deliveries to operating the on-site forklifts. In fact, Tom’s recently completed an FLT refresher training course through us!

Tom told us what his typical day looks like at Technoprint: “A standard day is pretty much doing a bit of everything (guillotine, emptying bins, helping on the lines, FLT etc). It is great as the day just flies. It pretty much changes day to day what I am working on.”


How it started

Initially, Tom started out life at Technoprint with little to no experience of working in the printing industry. “I started at Technoprint with no experience in this industry,” Tom explained, claiming what he knew he learnt on the job – impressive, right?


Why Technoprint?

Tom was always aware of Technoprint (partly because he lived across the road from the business!) and heard that the team here were responsible for winning us some of our biggest awards, like the best employer award and our CSR recognition.

Tom said, “They seemed a really good company to work for. Plus, it is also incredibly convenient as I live just across the road.”


When you’re not working, what do you get up to?

Outside of work, Tom has many interests. As a proud dog owner, Tom spends most of his time walking them and ensuring they’re well looked after. Elsewhere, he indulges in his passion for music when his dog sitting duties are over. Why? Well, Tom’s long-term ambition is to enter the music industry as a live sound technician.

Live sound technicians are responsible for hooking up, setting up, installing, and controlling audio equipment at live gigs, festivals, and concerts.

Tom said, “my passion is music and I spend a lot of time researching related topics such as acoustic physics. I also love to spend time looking at mixing desks that I can never afford!”


How it’s going

Since joining the team in September, Tom has been settling in well and started to really grow into his role.

“The team are all such a good laugh and really helpful and I have already made some great friends,” Tom said.

“My flexible contract with Technoprint offers me freedom to still actively pursue my music career.”


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