Technoprint’s Research Trip to Germany

Baumann-Wohlenberg’s Finishing Open Day

Towards the end of June, Technoprint’s Managing Director, Alan Ryan and Production Manager, Mark Ryan attended Baumann-Wohlenberg’s Finishing Open Day in Solms, Germany.  Friedhelm International, the UK agents invited Technoprint to attend the Open Day, and it was simply too good an offer to refuse, especially as Technoprint is currently researching new printing equipment for when they move into their new premises, which are planned for the new year.
The open day gave Alan and Mark the opportunity to view the very latest innovations, such as guillotines, automatic paper joggers, a Blumer Atlas label production line and Bograma rotary die cutter.  As Technoprint uses extreme lightweight papers to print on to, this was all very interesting, and gave the managers some serious food for thought.
The photos above shows Mark with Christian Joost, Sales Manager from Baumann-Wohlenberg.  As you can see from the last photo, there was also a bit of extra fun involved too!

Herzog & Hermann Visit

Whilst in Germany for the Open Day Alan & Mark also visited Herzog & Heymann in Bielefeld.  Technoprint have a very close working realtionship with Herzog & Heymann with several inter-company visits taking place, as well as meeting up at trade shows on a regular basis.
The trip enabled Alan and Mark to re-acquaint themselves with Dirk Steuhmeier, Managing Director and also meet for the first time Wolfgang Schlegel, Product Manager.  They kindly showed them their new showroom, which doubles up as a training centre offering bespoke training on their latest pharmaceutical folding lines – discussions took place regarding Tehnoprint being the first company to take advantage of this new facility in the very near future as our recruitment drive continues.
The trip was a huge success and both Alan and Mark had a great time.  Thank you to Baumann-Wohlenberg and Herzog & Heymann for making Technoprint feel so welcome.