Technoprint carries out first virtual audit during COVID-19 pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused us to reassess and adapt a number of ways we carry out day-to-day business here at Technoprint.

Earlier this month, BSI carried out our very first virtual audit at Technoprint against our ISO9001:2015 and PS9000:2016 accreditations – both of which we passed with flying colours. We were able to offer this audit via Microsoft Teams and also carried out a virtual tour of our facility over FaceTime. This ensured that the audit was just as extensive as if the auditor was physically on site.

The agenda items included a virtual tour of production to check for cleanliness, hygiene, segregation controls line clearance, security measures and to speak to staff to check their level of understanding around quality and the tasks they perform on a day-to-day basis. The agenda for the audit also included a check of the cleaning and maintenance logs and documentation review of procedures, production records, training records, non-conformance records, audit reports and incoming test paperwork. Also included was a general review of quality requirements such as progress of objectives and management review meetings. All of these objectives were set before the COVID-19 pandemic hit so it was a great success that we were able to cover each and every one of the set items on the agenda without a physical site visit.

A significant benefit for us was that no new systems had to be introduced for this process. Our team have already become proficient in using Microsoft Teams as this has become our preferred way of holding team meetings whilst we are on different shifts. Microsoft Teams allows us to share our screens, which was particularly useful in the audit as it enabled the auditor to view documents as well as our digital QMS system, Entropy.

The audit was all set up very easily with no hassle and all in all was a very swift process. We agreed with the auditor that the process had been a great success, allowing for a safe and thorough inspection of our facility whilst following safe social distancing practices. Our PS9000:2016 standards mark us a high-risk supplier, so should they have been unable to perform an in-depth audit on this occasion we would need to have further in-depth audits once regulations permit.

We are particularly proud of team Technoprint in light of the current situation with COVID-19 as it highlights how our quality levels remain high even in times of disruption and uncertainty. Our ability to carry out virtual audits reassures our customers that we are doing everything we can to offer our support during this time and shows our readiness to work together to ensure that patients continue to get their life-critical medications on time.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our virtual audits, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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