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In recognition of all the hard work and commitment to Technoprint, we have started an ‘Employee of the Month’ award.  The member of staff awarded this we will get a certificate – plus also get to feel like a ‘King or Queen’ for the month!

At Technoprint we pride ourselves on excellent team work.  We currently have 29 members of staff, with more set to join us very soon. Each staff member plays a crucial role in ‘Team Technoprint’ – each bringing their own unique specialised and professional skills and experience to the company.

Employee of the Month Award


August 2019

Congratulations to Toni on being recognised as August’s employee of the month.  This is the second time this year that Toni has been awarded employee of the month!  You have been recognised for an excellent report from the Ofsted Inspector, leading the Wellbeing Committee, helping a colleague organise a charity event and also completing detailed research for a sales project which you presented to your colleagues.  Well done, this is a fantastic achievement in addition to doing your day to day job!









July 2019

Congratulations to our Managing Director, Alan for being recognised as July’s employee of the month.  During the recent hot weather, staff were commenting how much they would love an ice cream to help them cool down, 30 minutes later, our MD turns up with a new freezer for the canteen with bag fulls of ice cream and ice lollies!!!  Staff have been enjoying the hot weather and especially the ice cream! Alan, thank you for listening to your staff and taking action.  It is very much appreciated!










June 2019

Congratulations to Richard, you have been recognised by your colleagues as June’s employee of month for all your help with sorting the QC checklist and your support with the new plate teething issues.  In the absence of our senior printer, you stepped up to assist with some printing press issues.  Not only that, you completed essential maintenance on one of the presses to ensure that it continued to run, therefore eliminating the risk of a potential late job to a customer.  You have been a great team player training a new member of staff and assisting with the planning of jobs.











May 2019

Congratulations to Curtis, you have been recognised once again by your colleagues as May’s employee of month.  Thank you for being so flexible, staying late to ensure your department were back on track while your colleague was on holiday and your fantastic attention to detail when doing quality checks.












April 2019

Congratulations to Heidi, you have been recognised by your colleagues as April’s employee of month.  You took on the responsibility of training our new Sales Administrator despite being relatively new to the company yourself.  You have been instrumental ensuring a successful transition to the new planning system and not only that, you make the frequent scheduling changes from one of our biggest customers look seamless.



March 2019

Congratulations to Toni, you have been recognised by your colleagues as March’s employee of month for organising the seamless installation of the new CTP system.  You were also instrumental with the successful implementation of the new image compare system ensuring the IT requirements were dealt with quickly.  Thank you for everything that you do.  You are a credit to Technoprint.









February 2019

Congratulations Sarah, you have been recognised by your colleagues as February’s employee of month for your contribution and making a difference to the social media team.  Thanks for also keeping order with holidays and chasing things up which need doing.











January 2019

Congratulations to Kyle, as you have been recognised by your colleagues as January’s employee of month for all the support you have given them this past week. You have helped our less experienced staff with setting up their machines so that they can run jobs to ensure we meet our production deadlines. You are always willing to share your knowledge and expertise with others and are flexible with working additional hours and working overtime to meet operational needs. Thank you for all that you do Kyle, you are pretty ace in our eyes.

Well done and thank you for your contribution!

December 2018

Well done to Curtis Woodcock – you have been recognised by your colleagues as December’s employee of the month.  Since joining the company in November, you have hit the ground running and have already made such a positive impact.  You have been recognized for listening and taking to your apprenticeship immediately.  You have settled in well and have already made a contribution to the weekly company meetings.  Furthermore, you have adopted Technoprint’s attitude to 5s and keeping your work area tidy.  This is a fantastic start to your career at Technoprint, and we wish you continued success with the company.  Keep up the great work Curtis!

November 2018

We are happy to announce that Karen Noden was awarded employee of the month award in November.  Congratulations Karen – your participation and support of World Quality Day was second to none, not only did you bring in cakes to raise money for our chosen charity, but you volunteered to be blindfolded to demonstrate a trust exercise with your colleagues!  The office staff were also very appreciative of your kind generosity of a chocolate filled advent calendar each!! Yummmm!

Thank you for your dedication and hard work – especially when you gave up your Sunday to travel for a customer meeting the following morning!  Karen – you’re a star and we couldn’t be without you!


October 2018

Congratulations to Martin, you have been recognised by your colleagues as September’s employee of the month.  You have been nominated for your great work to ensure the 2-up job on the 12/6 met the customer’s requirements and for also working overtime to pull us from being behind schedule to being ahead of schedule.  You are always flexible and have a “carry on regardless” approach to everything you do.  Furthermore, your make ready times on the 12/6 have significantly reduced.  In additional to this, you were a gentleman by walking a colleague back to her car after the Cheshire Business Awards.  You have certainly gone above and beyond this month, thank you!

September 2018

Congratulations James, you have been recognised by your colleagues as September’s employee of the month.  You have done fantastically well covering all the demands of your role in addition to the extra responsibility and workload that came about through the absence of your colleagues.  You have worked closely with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure all paperwork for exporting is in place to ensure a smooth delivery of goods. You were also recognized for your patience when training a colleague through the independent checks process.  Well done James, and thank you for being so ace.

Congratulations also to Sarah, you have also been recognised by your colleagues as September’s employee of the month.  You provided a comprehensive travel itinerary for colleagues who recently attended a supplier audit in Prague.  Due to being open to new challenges, you have recently increased your responsibilities which you have also been recognized for.  Well done, and thank you for all of your hard work.

August 2018

Trevor was recognised by his colleagues as August’s employee of the month – congratulation!  Trevor’s assistance and knowledge of planning jobs is superb and is always flexible to ensure that jobs get planned in order to meet the customers’ requirements!  His colleagues at Technoprint recognize and appreciate all of the help and the support that he provides.  Trevor is also always willing to muck in and help where ever he is needed.

And finally, a big thank you for Trevor’s participation with the cycle ride at the end of July – ensuring everyone got around, even the less abled ones!

July 2018

Very well done to George Murphy for being awarded as July’s employee of the month. You have been recognised by your colleagues for doing a super job presenting the monthly office KPI and social media meeting, you were clear in your presentation and demonstrated a good understanding of the information. You did a great job of running studio while colleagues were off and the most important achievement throughout July must be finally making a lovely cup of tea after a difficult first attempt!

June 2018

Congratulations to Chloe Joyner, you have been recognised by your colleagues as June’s employee of month for all the support you have given them.  You are a vital team player, who always works hard to ensure that Technoprint meets their customers’ requirements.
During a very busy period and in your own time, you kindly helped your colleagues in production to ensure jobs went out on time.  You also made sure that your colleagues who were out on the road visiting customers had a bed for the evening, which was most appreciated.
Thank you so much Chloe – we don’t know what we would do without you!

May 2018

Well done to Toni Webster –  you have been recognised by your colleagues as May’s employee of month for all your hard work in implementing GDPR at Technoprint.  Not only that, you help your colleagues with technical support including assisting with Excel queries and have found a way of getting the slides onto the TV screen in the office.  QC have also recognized you for meeting their demands in addition to your other work commitments!  Thanks for being so awesome!



April 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Rowe, who has been awarded Technoprint’s employee of month for working flexibly to meet the demands of production.  Aaron has made a significant impact on reducing the number of NCRs in print, which is fantastic!  Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, well done Aaron!


March 2018

Kyle was awarded employee of the month for March – congratulations!  Kyle was recognised by his colleagues for progressing onto more complex folding machinery and dealing well with any challenges given to him.  The trouble shooting notes that Kyle created have been a great tool for helping other operators – thank you Kyle!


4. August 17 - Kyle

February 2018

Congratulations to Jo, you have been recognised by your colleagues at Technoprint as February’s employee of month, as you have a happy, can-do attitude and you are always willing to help.  You are often required to move from machine to machine, which you do happily, without complaint and you always demonstrate a flexible approach to your work.  Thank you for everything you do Jo!

January 2018

Congratulations to James, who has been named January’s employee of month.  James has settled into his new role at Technoprint extremely quickly and is already making a huge difference within the business.  James has proven that he can step up to any challenge given to him,  and is a real pleasure to work alongside.  Well done James – it’s great to have you on Team Techoprint!


December 2017

Sarah Lloyd was awarded employee of the month for December 2017.  Sarah was recognised by her colleagues for always being extremely helpful – despite the range of challenges thrown at her!  Sarah has also been fantastic at organising all of Technoprint’s social events – a very important role as you can imagine – especially at Christmas time!  Thanks Sarah!


Sarah - Linkedin

November 2017

November’s employee of the month award was given to Neil, who was recognised by his colleagues for taking himself out of his comfort zone and doing more of the engineer maintenance work of the printing presses. He also baked some pretty amazing cakes for our World Quality Day!

6. November 2017 - Neil

October 2017

October’s employee of the month was awarded to Russell for being hard working with a positive, can do attitude and showing significant improvements in his productivity.Russell Heaton











September 2017

Employee of the month for September was Roy our van driver.  He was recognised by his colleagues for his long service, dedication, flexibility and going that extra mile!










August 2017

We are happy to announce that Kyle was awarded the Employee of the Month Award in August.  Kyle was nominated for the award by a number of his colleagues for working well under great pressure on some really demanding jobs.  His hard work and persistence is paying off and he is setting up and running jobs independently now.  Well done Kyle, keep up the good work!

4. August 17 - Kyle

July 2017

In July we had two winners for employee of the month: Matt Copnall and Neil Gair.

Matt was recognised by his colleagues for being approachable, with a helpful, can do approach to everything he does.



Neil was recognised by his colleagues for always leading by example by always having his workstation is excellent order, and ensuring the black diary, SOPs and maintenance is completed in a timely manner.








 June 2017

For June, having only recently joined the company, Arthur has “hit the ground” running and has been fantastic addition to the Technoprint family.  Welcome to the team and congratulations on this recognition so early in your career at Technoprint!
2. June 17 - Arthur












May 2017

For May, Elliot was nominated by his colleagues for being a great team player and bringing sunshine to the team.  Nice work Elliot!
1. May 17 - Elliot


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