How to secure your supply chain and avoid material shortages in January and beyond

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Construction materials, food, fuel and used cars are just some of the essentials that the UK press is reporting as being in short supply in what is being dubbed the ‘supply chain crisis’. Experts claim these shortages could have a negative impact on the economy and its recovery after a tumultuous couple of years, not helped by Brexit and of course the COVID-19 pandemic.


Paper supplies are not exempt from the current situation. Aside from the obvious mentioned above, due to a shortage of drivers, some suppliers are having issues with importing their goods into the UK as they are manufacturing elsewhere in Europe. This can also cause complications with regards to VAT. What’s more, the huge surge in energy prices has caused some factory production to shut down completely.


At Technoprint, we’ve worked hard to make sure that we (and our clients) don’t feel the pinch of supply issues and therefore don’t let any of our customers down. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the ways we operate which helps to keep the cogs turning and keep our customers happy.


Acting as a second supplier


As an agile business, we’re able to work as a second supplier which is key to many of our clients safeguarding their supply chain. We would advise that customers map out their supply chain and are happy to report that many do, and we are the second supplier of choice for many. Technoprint have secured their highest stock levels of paper to date, so avoid the problem of running out and therefore not being able to service customers.




Unlike some of our competitors, we only print leaflets. We know where our specialisms lie and that’s our focus for our clients. Supplying fewer items means we can make sure that we create the best possible products within a responsive time frame. Selecting a supplier that focuses on the one product can mean that there are fewer hold-ups in the production lines.


Dedicated team 


We know that without our people we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do. Teamwork is what our business is built on and we believe in looking after our teams and recognise that this means that they will look after our customers. We are a flexible business that put our team’s mental health first. In fact, we have an on-site mental health first aider who is there to support the team and identify those who may need some extra help.


One recent policy we implemented was allowing those who were off work due to contracting COVID-19 would be given full pay. This was also extended to those affected in any other way by the virus, including parents who may have needed time off to care for their children.


Open and honest


We’re an SME with an open and honest culture and our clients are free to pick up the phone at any time to us. There is no hierarchy within the business, and our MD Alan Ryan is regularly chatting with customers on the phone – that’s the beauty of working with a business like Technoprint!


As we (hopefully) come out of the other end of the pandemic, we hope to see the end of material shortages across the board. Contact Technoprint to find out more about our products and services.


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