Full Batch Rejection Control

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Technoprint class a full batch rejection as a batch of goods which has failed our quality management system (ISO9001 & PS9000) at the internal final inspection stage and needs to be reproduced.

At Technoprint, we are aware of the disruption a rejection of goods can have on your supply chain. We carry out a thorough final inspection on all leaflets to ensure they pass our quality management system before they reach you, meaning you can have total peace of mind.

In 2017 we had a total of 33 full batch rejections, we set ourselves an ambitious objective to reduce this number to 22. This not only helps to deliver to you on time, but increase our own efficiency too.

We are pleased to announce that we overachieved this key performance indicator for 2018, reducing our rejections to 18 for the entire year, an improvement of 45% against last year! 

The work doesn’t stop there, in 2019 we expect to reduce this further through ongoing training of new and experienced operators, continuous improvement programs and better capture of production data using our upgraded management information system.

Watch this space for more information about our achievements, and how our success in these key areas can benefit you.

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