Employee Appreciation Day 2023

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From the office team to those on production, there’s been a whole host of challenges that the team here at Technoprint have had to overcome during the last three years. With this in mind, to mark Employee Appreciation Day on 3rd March, we’ve dedicated our latest blog to our staff to show our gratitude for their constant dedication, skill and hard work.

In this blog, our general manager, Jacqui Morris takes us through what makes the team so brilliant.


The values that define Team Technoprint


At Technoprint, our values are important to us and include high quality work, outstanding customer service and flexibility.

These values help to create a shared sense of culture and identity within the business and with everyone aligned to the same values, it fosters a sense of unity that can improve teamwork, collaboration, and overall morale.

At Technoprint, the fact that our team believe in the company’s values certainly does help to engender a great team spirit, which is embodied in their commitment and adaptability.

Strong teamwork is essential when it comes to delivering on customer orders and we make sure that everything is done with the utmost care and quality.

Meanwhile, collective commitment and flexibility are key to ensuring that we can respond to tight operational deadlines. Their dedication and willingness to take on any challenges means that a reduced lead time doesn’t mean we compromise on our quality and attention to detail.

Our staff really care about the needs of our customers and are passionate about providing them with world-class products.


Going the extra mile


Team Technoprint is always willing to go the extra mile for both the customer and each other and it’s this commitment that helps to drive the business forward.

This means mucking in wherever necessary. For example, if there’s a tight operational deadline amidst a busy order period, the office staff will head over to production and help out where they can, to ensure that each product is still completed to the highest standard.

During such periods, each member of the team has been happy to take on overtime in order to ensure that projects are completed, while some staff have even changed their working hours from days to shifts.

This has been a huge help for the business and allowed us to operate even more efficiently!

We are incredibly thankful for our staff’s willingness to go the extra mile and be flexible with their working hours to meet the business’ needs.


Supporting our team


We’ve already demonstrated how brilliant our team is, but it’s important that we do all we can to support them through employee provisions, so that they can maximise their potential.

Staff wellbeing is paramount for us and having a mental health first aider on site means that we have a point-of-contact for any employee, who is need of any support.

When it comes to physical health, the team are signed up to a healthcare cashback plan that allows them to claim back money for dental, optical and prescription costs. The scheme also allows them to access counselling and physiotherapy sessions.

We’ve also run a financial wellbeing workshop to provide our staff with advice about managing their money during the current cost-of-living crisis.


Showing our gratitude for the team beyond Employee Appreciation Day


It’s important that we recognise the team’s commitment and skill, so we like to give a little back when we can.

Outstanding performance from members of the team is always acknowledged by management at the daily team meetings and through the coveted employee of the month award.

Throughout the year, the staff are treated to a variety of social events, from Chester Races to a meal at Wasabi Teppanyaki, as well as a much-loved Christmas party. Through organising these events we aim to show how much we appreciate the hard work and commitment that our team shows all year round.

Whenever we receive an order from a new customer, lunch is bought for the team to acknowledge the importance of each staff member’s role in the production and delivery process.


A team that cares


Team Technoprint is a close-knit team who all work hard together – the business and our customers. We all care about each other and if someone’s struggling or feeling low, there’ll always be someone on hand to support.

Our people are the bedrock of Technoprint and central to the success of the business.

Quality Officer, Graham Parkin is a long-standing member of the team and offered his thoughts on why he’s loves being a part of the company.

“Having worked at Technoprint for nine years, it’s the family atmosphere, allowing staff to work to their abilities and the commitment by all to work to their ideals that makes coming in to work every day, worthwhile.”

National Employee Appreciation Day is a day which celebrates employees for all they contribute to a company’s success.

Here at Technoprint, we don’t need a specific day to recognise how great our team is, although Employee Appreciation Day has given us the perfect excuse!

If you think that the brilliant team at Technoprint can provide the solutions that your business needs, then get in touch with us here to find out more.

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