AI’s Impact on the pharmaceutical industry: A Technoprint Perspective


AI’s Impact on the pharmaceutical industry: A Technoprint Perspective

Our latest blog looks into the transformative force shaping our industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The CPHI Annual Report 2023 unveiled a pivotal moment for pharmaceuticals, with AI poised to revolutionise every aspect of our industry within the next 24 months.

In pursuit of innovation, where drug development takes centre stage, AI emerges as a powerful partner.

5 Frightening Facts about Printing Industry Waste

It’s spooky season and we’ve got some frightening facts about the waste the printing industry produces. Love it or loathe it, Halloween is upon us once again. In the spirit of spookiness, we thought we’d tell you some frightening facts about paper waste.

Take a look at some of the most frightful ones below:


1. Every year we need a forest the size of Wales to produce all the paper we use in the UK

It’s no surprise that the printing industry goes through a lot of paper but mapping out a forest the size of Wales put things into perspective.

Meet the Team: Nicholas Mobley

Our first Meet the Team of 2023 sees us sit down with our fantastic production team leader, Nicholas Mobley.

Looking back on a successful year at Technoprint

There’s no doubt that 2022 has been a year of challenges and adversity. The paper shortage, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis has meant that there have been a number of hurdles we’ve had to jump this year.

The energy crisis: What it means for the print industry

The print industry has been beset by an uncertainty that’s gripped the international economy this year. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to supply disruption, there’s been a great deal of uncertainty.

Meet the Team: Alan Ryan

June is upon us and in the hot seat for this month’s instalment of ‘Meet the Team’ is our managing director, Alan Ryan.

How businesses can benefit from using a second supplier

In the current climate, business uncertainty is seemingly ubiquitous as the economic difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine and inflation continue to grip the country and the world. This, paired with the residual effects of Brexit and the cost of COVID-19 continue to impact businesses across the board.

Technoprint’s clients have of course not been exempt from recent difficulties, with material shortages causing issues for many. Earlier this year we outlined how a business can work to best secure its supply chain and therefore,

Meet the Team: Toni Webster

To mark Stress Awareness Month, in April’s Meet the Team instalment we chat to a Technoprint’s studio coordinator and qualified mental health first aider, Toni Webster.

Toni joined Technoprint six years ago and plays an integral role in the company’s operations, tackling a whole host of tasks from artwork processing to compiling reports.

Read more about the seven-time employee of the month…

Toni’s role

Studio coordinator Toni is a versatile member of the team who helps to ensure a smooth leaflet production process.

Meet the Team: Jacqui Morris

March has arrived and operations manager Jacqui Morris is here to put a spring in our step with the latest instalment of Meet the Team.

As her job title suggests, Jacqui overseas the operations of projects and makes sure in production that everything is running to plan. A keen team player, Jacqui isn’t afraid to get stuck in and work on the machines if she’s needed!

Fuelled by a love of data,