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AI’s Impact on the pharmaceutical industry: A Technoprint Perspective

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AI’s Impact on the pharmaceutical industry: A Technoprint Perspective

Our latest blog looks into the transformative force shaping our industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The CPHI Annual Report 2023 unveiled a pivotal moment for pharmaceuticals, with AI poised to revolutionise every aspect of our industry within the next 24 months.

In pursuit of innovation, where drug development takes centre stage, AI emerges as a powerful partner. The report forecasts that within five years, the FDA might approve the first fully AI-discovered therapy.

Revolutionising Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment, a critical phase in clinical trials, is undergoing a revolution thanks to AI. Key players in the industry are leveraging AI to streamline this process, significantly reducing enrolment times through identifying suitable cohorts for clinical trials. AI can also be used to save time when recruiting new patients by alerting medical staff and potential patients about trial opportunities. In addition, AI technology can also simplify the entry criteria for potential patients wanting to take part in the trial.

At Techno print we ensure our printing solutions align with the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry, for example, we recently invested in updating our printing press so that we could meet the needs of our customers.

Humanising Innovation: Technoprint’s Tradition

As the industry embraces AI, we’re proud to pioneer progress in pharmaceutical printing. From optimising patient information leaflets to championing eco-friendly practices, we’re conducting our business with a personal touch.

In summary, artificial intelligence has weaved its way into the pharmaceutical industry and looks to be on the cusp of some major breakthroughs. At present it is not clear the extent to which AI will integrate into the industry and what the knock-on effect of that may be.

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