Terry the Technoprint Elf

Technoprint have a had a lovely festive surprise, Terry the Elf has been spared of his Christmas duties to come and help us!

Day 1

Just like any new starter, Terry must complete an induction to ensure he is fully aware of all safety and working practices. This ensures Terry and his colleagues remain safe and understand the importance of GMP, and our standards PS9000, ISO9001, ISO14001. We are glad to confirm Terry passed his GMP assessment with full marks!

Meet the team: Tom Hayes

We have a new Technoprofile blog for you this month. Introducing Tom Hayes, one of our newest recruits!

Having only worked here since September, Tom admits that he is still labelled as ‘the new guy’ by his colleagues. The ‘cool guy’ is his preferred nickname, however.


Tom’s role

Like Russ, who we introduced you to last month, Tom works within the production department in the heart of Technoprint’s operation.

Meet the team: Russ Heaton

Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to various members of the team on our blog.

Today we’re like you to meet Russ Heaton, one of our Production Technicians. He’s responsible for ensuring that our solutions, such as the Minutag™, Multiflet™, Pharmalite™, and Tech-Pack™, are used to create the best medical information leaflets.

Russ is a vital component in a production process that delivers an industry-leading level of service to our clients.

The future of the paper industry

It goes without saying that Technoprint relies heavily on paper. We use it to develop and manufacture all our medical information leaflets so that our customers can effectively inform patients on a variety of treatments.

But how sustainable is the paper industry, and what does the future look like? This month, we’re delving into the manufacturing, sourcing, and production of our leaflets.


How is paper made?

As is commonly known,

User information leaflets and vaping

Since being introduced to the UK in 2005, vaping has become widely viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco that still offers end-users access to nicotine and the familiar action of ‘smoking’. As a result of this, a growing number of companies now produce vaping devices and e-liquids.

However, manufacturers working in this industry are subject to rules and regulations surrounding packaging and the in-pack information issued to consumers. This is where our user information leaflets come in.

Golfing for CALM – Technoprint’s charity of the year

Technoprint’s business development manager, Graeme Johnston, is taking part in a three-round challenge at the Antrobus Golf Club in Northwich, to raise money for the charity, CALM – the Campaign Against People Living Miserably.

The event, set to go ahead on the 27th of July, will be supporting the patient information leaflet manufacturer’s efforts to support CALM, which is its charity of the year for 2021.

CALM is often the first port of call for many contemplating suicide.

Homeless Hounds

Community Matters – Helping Homeless Hounds

At Technoprint, we value our community and love to get engaged whenever we can.

From providing apprenticeships to supporting local charities, it’s always been important to us to give back. And thanks to the impact of the pandemic, more than ever, we want to give as much as we can to those businesses, charities, and societies in need of a helping hand.


We were pleased to announce that recently,

How Technoprint has prepared for Brexit

Since the referendum in 2016, how smoothly the UK would depart from the EU has been a question on everyone’s mind. It was clear, however, that businesses up and down the country would need to adapt in the face of the new regulations in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


In a previous blog we discussed the impact of stockpiling in the face of this crisis. This was the plan of many pharmaceutical companies in order to allow for the continuation of the flow of medication.

The importance of sustainability

At Technoprint, we believe that working towards a more sustainable future is in the best interest of everyone. Both locally and globally, the environment must be cared for, and we are passionate about conducting our business in the most ethical way possible.

Community matters – how Technoprint gets involved


At Technoprint, we consider ourselves active participants of the Winsford community, and like to get involved in as many ways as we can. From providing apprenticeships to supporting local charities, it’s always been important to us to give back. As we have been fortunate enough to ride through the pandemic without much disruption, we want to give as much as possible to societies, charities and sports teams in need of a little extra support.